How to remove experience (XP) lon a death event?

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction… or completely rule it out as impossible under current tech.

I want to add death’s sting back into Ark, and hard mode is just a bit too brutal given the bugs and Internet stability issues in general. I want to remove 20% of a player’s XP on death…

Thanks in advance!

Had a shot at this… but I couldn’t find any Graph method to GET player experience, nor can I figure out what object reference might contain this value (PlayerPrimalData looked promising but what is that… some kind of array?)

This is probably far above my pay grade… so at this point I need to throw in the towel for now.

The only thing I could think of is that admins have the ability to modify your xp so there might be code in there, but not sure if any of the admin tools are exposed at this point.

Likely the functionality you’re looking for isn’t exposed to the blueprints. I think there’s a list somewhere for requested exposures.

There is code in SotF that adds xp, and gets player killed xp. Your answers should be in that BP.