How to remove default movement bindings?

I created a blank project. I then set an action binding to W, which is to be used to move the player to a new location. I added a blueprint, which does indeed work. If I press “W,” the player moves to the specified location, but if I press and hold W, the player moves forward. Is there anyway to remove these default bindings?

Look in the properties of your blueprint class for “create default movement bindings”, or something similar – it should be a checkbox that is checked by default. I believe this comes from the DefaultPawn class/movement component.

Which blueprint class? I have heard this mentioned before, and I know the checkbox is in the spectator class, but I don’t see how that would help (it didn’t when I tried).

You said you added a blueprint. What parent class did you use for your new blueprint? If you used DefaultPawn, then take a look here:

“The DefaultPawn class contains a native DefaultPawnMovementComponent, a spherical CollisionComponent, and a StaticMeshComponent. To control the DefaultPawnMovementComponent, as well as the camera, a Boolean to add default movement bindings is also present in the DefaultPawn class, and is set to true by default.”

Sorry, I meant that I added the functionality of moving the pawn to a new location, and I added that in the level blueprint just to test it.

Omg, thanks :). When I made a new pawn to set for the default pawn class in the gamemode, I made it based off of the “Pawn” class, not Default Pawn. I made a new one based off of default pawn and it works perfectly. Thank you so much!