how to remove collision from a ragdoll effect.


so i have an issue with ragdoll interacting with the Player Pawn and sending it up into the air. so here is whats happening:

  1. player kills NPC
  2. NPC dies and ragdolls
  3. player walks over ragdoll and bounces all over the place.

I’ve tried to remove the collision of the NPC after death, but that results in the NP going back to Idle animation, lying on its back. I’ve tried changing collision for both the capsule and the mesh but that stops the ragdoll completely and the NPC stands there after death, but I can walk through it.

I’m going to try to prevent the NPC from going back to idle and see if that works. I if anyone else knows of a way to prevent the physics interactions after death I would love some help. Thank You.

Someone answered this for me in a different forum. They suggested that I destroy capsule on death, but not the mesh. Set mesh to ragdoll and the capsule to whatever collision I wanted, then ensure that the Player was set to “Pawn” Collision and that seems to have worked. I can walk over the ragdoll as if it were a normal mesh.