How to remove cloak from character?


I’m doing an animatic for a future short film and learning to use Unreal at the same time. In the film, a character has a cloak on for the majority of the time, except for the beginning scene. I was wondering how I would take the cloak off in Unreal? I don’t need to see it being taken off or anything, just not have it on the character for that period of time. One of my teachers said I just had to rig it properly in Maya, but I’m still not sure how to get any of that to work. It’s currently bound to the characters neck/head.


If it’s a closeup, remove the cloak.

Otherwise you will need to learn how to rig. That seems like a skill you want to have anyhow.

Hey, sorry, I made a bad choice of words (I corrected them). I meant that I want to remove the whole cloak, not just the hood. And I know the basics of rigging, I’m just not very experienced.