How to remove c++ actor from scene?

I have another very noob question.
When i create c++ class and inherit from AActor, and add it to scene, first one have number 1, next one 3, next one 5…
but when i remove them, it is not start count in from 1, only continues where its end.
It is normal behaviour? or this class are not removing from scene properly?
tutorial on yt jus ignore this
pls help

That’s normal. The name is just a simple identifier, it has no real meaning. Going back and renaming all actors of a type because you created and deleted one would be a nightmare.

but when i add for example static mesh it is counting normaly, staticMesh1, staticMesh2, staticMesh3 …
and when i remove staticMesh2, next one will fill the gap
so why my c++ class, without any code, do not work like that?

Because re-using class names is asking for trouble IMO (you could end up with stale code trying to compile), but it could be they just don’t do that.

Again, it’s completely arbitrary and doesn’t matter.