How to remove an element from an imported static mesh

So i’ve imported a free 3d house model, and its not enterable, so i want to remove the door from it and make my own, is there a way to do that in ue4 or do i have to do it in a 3d modeling programme?

I think the only thing the engine provides for something like this is subtractive BSP/Geometry, but these only affect other BSP geometry, not meshes. The only way to do it currently would be to edit the model.

Additionally, if its not enter-able, it probably means the “inside” isn’t modeled, and it’s just a 3D facade. It’s doubtful an artist would have wasted their time modeling an internally complete house without making a way to get inside. In this case, it’s going to need a lot more work than just editing the door. Removing the door would only reveal an internal space that is mostly, if not completely, invisible, missing many of the internal surfaces you might need.

If it is something you only want to open - say for a non-player actor to enter, or as a level transition point for a player actor - without the need to bring a camera inside the building, you might be able to fake it with BSP constructed meshes. First, you’d create a black-box to hide the original door, as if it’s a hole entering into darkness. Then you can put your own controllable door on top of it. This likely wouldn’t hold up to scrutiny, and would only work from a distance (such as a top down camera) or in a stylized art style environment that matches such an obvious portal with a door that is unlikely to look like a clean match.

you want to edit the collision on the house so that you can phase though the door. Then you need to edit the material of the house so that you can change the opacity of the door to make it vanish. Heres what i mean. UE4 Opacity Map Example - YouTube