How to remove added textrender component in blueprint?

In blueprints you can add a textrender component, handy if you need to generate many with unique text values as opposed to creating dozens or hundreds of components. You can plug into the Return Value and change scale, font, color, text, etc…

Question: how do you reference them later to remove them from the scene if not needed?

Even promoting to variable doesn’t seem to provide any options to remove, clear, etc…


Try the remove from parent node and link the target to the return of your text render.

Doesn’t work I tried sorry I can’t find a node that does either sorry.

Found the node you need it’s destroy component hope this helps once it clicked to me that this was a component it was simple tried it and it works.

Almost. I can add destroy component directly after Add Text Render Component and it works great, but I can’t seem to get any logic working up front, or elsewhere in the blueprint.

Text starts overlaying itself when changed because I can’t kill off the old text.

I don’t understand what you’re saying but I think you’re using it wrong :stuck_out_tongue: can you take a larger screenshot and tell me what it is you want it to do ?

Uhm, I reckon if you save it as a variable after you’ve added it - you should be able to destroy it via Destroy Component. If that doesn’t work, I guess you could always make the text empty? Sure, the component will still be there - but it won’t display any text? Other than that I agree with moderategamer, we don’t really see enough of your BP to get an idea of what’s going on.

just a heads up btw instead of using numbers you can use a boolean and just check and un check for your if statement (Branch in ue4)