How to remove a UMG widget?

Hey! I’ve been working on UI blueprints for the past week for a Uni assignement and managed to get the majority of the parts working despite my lack of blueprint knowledge but there’s one small thing that I can not figure out, even with the help of others.

When I start my game I want the HUD to be invisible, then when the player enters a trigger box the HUD will then appear, which I have working so far. However when the player quits the game from the Pause Menu the HUD follows to the Main Menu and will stick around forever. I need the HUD to be killed when the player leaves the game, which I can’t get working. The screenshot below might help explain it a bit better.

The HUD is created on the game level blueprint, separate to the Main Menu level.
My idea at the moment is to have the HUD collapse when the Quit Game button, on the Pause Menu, is pressed but I can’t figure out how to get it to reference the HUD_UI properly. If there’s a better way to do this then I’ll gladly try it. I’ll also put up some of the blueprinting I am using if that will help and can also provide anything else that is needed to resolve this.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You could load an extra level for this, explained here Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - UMG - Basic Menu - YouTube This should also work for dynamically load it once the main level is loaded, when unhiding the menu.

Thank you for replying! That tutorial is basically how I am managing the Main Menu and Game Level, with 2 separate levels, only once I am in the Game Level and the HUD is activated it will stay activated forever. Unless I can reference the Quit Game button in another blueprint?