How to remove a project from "my projects" ?

Hey there,
I made a big mistake…

I have started the Ark Editor with the “ShooterGame.uproject” file (to find out which version is installed, because of a bug).

Now it is under my projects, where I don´t want it to be (check the screenshot)…

Is there any possible way how I can remove it from there, so that it just sits in the library and not in my own projects?

It would help if I could just hide projects^^

I have tried to rename the “ShooterGame.uproject”, but it still sits in my projects (only thing what happens, is that I can´t start it anymore from library)…

Then I have searched a lot of folders in the installation path of the launcher, hoping to find a file where the project-locations are saved, but I wasn´t able to find it (maybe it´s anywhere in the, but no idea where)…

I have no idea what I can do, I would remove the complete ARK-Editor, because I´m currently not working in there, but if I want to work again in there, it would need 3 days to download it again and if I choose the same folder with my stupidity, it would be again under my projects^^

Would be really nice, if anyone could help me.


Did you try to just right click and ‘delete project’?

Yeah, but then it want delete all the files^^

All the files for that project, yes.

Maybe later, currently it´s good for me, to move the ShooterGame.uproject in another folder^^

I hope someone knows where I can find the file with the project-paths…
Currently I have better things to do than reinstalling the ARK Editor.

If anyone has this problem later, here´s the solution:

But check your folders name, it´s currently not “ARKDevKit”, but “ARKEditor”

It worked for me without reinstalling the Devkit^^