How to remotely set structure to active?

Hi, the last few days i tried to make a trigger to activate a remote structure (kind of like the keypad). I the end i want to have a doorbell and doorbell trigger that you can place and the trigger should activate all doorbells of the same owner as the trigger. While I got it to work in PIE, i had problems running the mod on the server.

Tried a few graphs:

This one works, but does not replicate to other clients

These two do nothing when triggered


I also tried to call a multicast event on the doorbell from the trigger but that also did nothing:



Any help how to accomplish this would be great.

Just wanted to drop in and say that the logic here is flawed.
And i dont want to go into too much details. its better that you read up on this your self.
It helped me alot when i had a issue some what like your.

And watch all of these videos. Its a MUST if youre creating anything network related. (might want to skip part 1 tho.)

Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
Part 4.
Part 5.
Part 6.