How to remap F9 in packaged game?

I have F9 mapped to a save game menu in my Windows 64 game. UE however also maps F9 to a screen shot function in packaged games. So now whenever I open my save game menu I also get a nice screen shot of it. This may sound cool but it really isn’t. So how do I make the F9 screen shot go away and have it only open my menu?

I have tried putting this:

into DefaultInput.ini but no luck with that.

I have also tried going into project preferences and setting screen shot to Shift-F9, then repackage, but no luck with that either.

Any help would be most appreciated.

PS - No this not c++ specific, but it’s not BP specific either. It’s Windows specific. But although we have forums for android, html, iOS, etc, there is no Windows forum. So I’m putting this here. Mods can move it if they like.