How to release a free game with Epic?

I do not see many topics on this issue, so am prepared to ask this question. As a previous user of Unity, I was able to upload my projects, no matter how tiny, to for people to play. I liked how and a browser based approach made testing quick and easy.

So I emailed Epic Games Store but they told me to look at the Epic Dev | Home - Epic Online Services site. Which led me here.

How would I release a demo of my game for people to give me feedback? Which site would I use? Much thanks.

(also posting to the AnswerHub denied me from posting. I wonder why?)

I think you can still put it on

Hi Clockwork. I am aware that the HTML5 support has been migrated and no longer officially supported. On a quick search people mentioned bugs and problems which I would encounter while using unofficial releases.

Do you mean release a Windows build on ?

I liked HTML5 as it gave very quick playability for the gamer. No downloads, no worries about viruses. Ease of use was my primary interest. Thank you.


From my quick search, it looks like HTML5 support will be better actually, but I haven’t tried it.