How to reinstall epic games and UE without having to download everything again

Hi. Greetings to all.
I have the following query. I had to reinstall my windows and delete the entire installation. I reinstalled the Operating System and then installed the Epic Games from scratch.
I have a ssd disk where I install the programs, but the epic games and UE I install it on another disk that I have for large installations, since the disk is 4 teras.
My question is, if there is any way to make the new Epic Games installation recognize me what I had already installed, because I have the Unreal Engine, I have Twinmotion and I have several games, and it is that I would like the program to recognize me what I already had installed, because when I go to reinstall the UE, or the TM, or the games, and I put the path where the programs that I already had installed are, the program tells me that the directory where I’m going to install has to be empty , but I already have the previous installations, and it is tiresome to have to reinstall everything from scratch, since each program is several gigs in weight, and it is a long time that I have to use to be able to reinstall everything.
I would appreciate if you can guide me in this matter, because every time I have to reformat the computer, I have that problem.
Thanks to anyone who can guide me.

I have the exact same issue. Any help is greatly appreciated

I have the Same Problem. I have the full Downloaded Engine on my External Drive

& try to Copy it & verify, But Launcher won’t detect it

I really really need to install from this downloaded files. Hope someone will help.

I found a solution, Well not an exact solution for this problem, It’s for your next installation. First of all those Installed files are Useless for Reinstalling. I try it to reinstall from Old Installed files & I failed every time. So I Download UE4 once again & when I download it I saw a Folder named “.egstore” created on the UE4 installation location & it’s a Very Large Folder. So I waited till like 98% Completion Download

(Less than 100MB for Download) & Right Click on Epic Launcher & —? Exit.

It gives me a Warning just ignore it & Exit from the Launcher.

Then I got a 33GB folder named “.egstore” this is the file folder

you need to store on another location for reinstalling Because it will be deleting After Installing. So Copy this folder to another location.
Now you need to Reinstall UE4 ever again, Just Open the Epic Launcher. Go to UE4 section & Download the few Megabytes. Then Force Exit from the Launcher. Ignore Any Warnings. Now Copy that 33GB Folder named “.egstore” to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.25 (If you installed on default Location) Replace it with the Existing files & Open the Epic Launcher again. After Initialization process Complete you will see the Resume Download button on UE4 Section. Just click it & Like 82% Compete Download & few more MBs to Download.

Download those few MBs & Launcher will do the rest of work & Install the full UE4.

So You can enjoy using it. Only downside of this solution is you need to Redownload full setup again. But This is the only solution I got so far. It will help you to future installation. Good Luck.

This Solution Wark for Any other Games or Application uses Epic Launcher as well. Like “Unreal Tournament”, “Twin Motion” & This is the Only Offline Installation for all those Program & Games uses Epic Launcher. It’s so Sad. I really hope Epic will be added “Backup & Restore” feature for their Launcher in near Future.