How to regenerate the .sln file?

Because right click on the uproject and regenerating the Visual Studio files from there does not create the .sln file in 4.18.1 and this documentation is outdated: (because it no longer has that bat-file).

Hey there, make sure you’ve followed the steps to install Visual Studio 2017 with support for Unreal Engine 4 (Setting Up Visual Studio for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation), you might be missing something !

Thanks. Apparently the SDK 8.1 was missing. Oddly enough UE4 closes the output window from generating the project files (so you do not see any errors). It contained an error about a missing SDK 8.1. Screenshotting/recording it is a must… Epic should really change that.

I installed the Windows SDK 8.1 separately from a file (not from the Visual Studio setup) and also the SDK 10.x apparently that doesn’t count for UE4 so I went to add/remove programs > Visual Studio 2017 and added the SDK 8.1 from there as shown in your link and now it generates.