How to regenerate life after some time without taking damage

Well, I used a system of life and armor, which when I enter a “Box Collision” I take damage … I was able to create another system that causes that if I leave this “Box Collision” for 5 seconds, only life regenerates slowly … But how do I always REGENERATE life when I do not take damage? For example in the future I will add projectiles and weapons in my game. I will not copy the whole system for every weapon or thing that takes life. Need help…
Here are some prints to help me.
Oh and if you have some suggestions to improve this system I would apreciate
PS: Both health and armor variables default value are set to 1.0

Are you using Event Damage and Apply Damage to do the damage effect? if not I recommend doing so, it just makes life easier. So your box collider can call Apply Damage to your pawn.

Anyway regardless to do the regenerate life use a Retriggerable Delay after you take damage. Set it to 5 seconds or w/e you like. After that time, apply your life regeneration.

I copied your code and it seems to have a bug. When the player is regenerating health and takes damage, the health regeneration is not getting delayed unless if the player reaches the maximum health. I then fixed this by connecting the False pin in the first branch to the Clear and Invalidate Timer by Handle node. Many thanks for the solution, BTW.

I used this method and works for me the only extra you need to add in copy and paste the “Clear and Invalidate Timer by handle” I did it before the Retriggerable delay and if you take damage it stops the timer.