How to refresh/reload the content browser

me and my friends want to work on a project simultaneously, so we have come to a conclusion that we use file sharing and we all connect to our friends computers files and we work on that work space, but if one of us does a change and we want to see the change we need to restart the project file in order to load it, is there an easier way to refresh the content browser and its files?

We are using version control for sharing the files across a team and I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that its best to shut down the editor before brining in files from the repository.

While there is much I love about UE4 I must say that not dealing well with external version control and the content browser not being refreshable without restarting are a HUGE pain in the ■■■. I’m coming from another one of the popular game engines and while its not as good as UE4 in many respects, this is one area that UE4 seems to kind of drop the ball. When you are in a big team oh who cares if you loose 15 minutes restarting your editor 4 times a day. For a small team that makes a huge difference.

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It´s an issue until today… I´m trying to refresh content browser, but I can´t solve how to do that… I´ve tried some commands like: unreal.AssetRegistry.scan_modified_asset_files() or scan_paths_synchronous() via blueprint and via python, but no results… Please EPIC, solve this issue!