How to refresh My Content on the Launcher

I’ve download several projects from the Marketplace.

I had a corruption issue with the launcher and had to re-install it.

Now all my \document\Unreal projects\ are not showing in the “My Content” List.
They still exist, but there not showing in the My Content list.


How can I refresh the My Content area of the launcher so it will find all my projects.

I don’t need to be re-downloading something just to add it’s link to this area of the Launcher.


Hi ARealPerson,

I went cleared out my folder with Unreal Projects fold and only left the mobile template there to verify how to do this because I’ve not run into this problem before. What you’ll want to do is, with your content examples in the folder you’ll want to click on the settings cog wheel to the left of the name of the project. There will be an option to remove or verify. If the folder and all the file contents are there you it will verify and be able to open the project as normal.

If you click verify and the content is not there it will re-download the files.

I hope this helps explain it a little better.




I think you got it backwards.

I have all my projects in the local project folder.

But, They are no longer linked to the launcher. And all information is gone from the Launcher about them.
There is no cog to click. When I start the launcher it says “No Content Found :(” Get some at the Marketplace.
Even though the full complete projects are located in the projects directory.

They need to be re-linked to the launcher again without re-downloading.

Why must I re-get it from the market place ? I’ve already correctly downloaded it.

It needs to be re-linked to the “My Content” area of the Launcher so that the name of the project will be listed.
Its currently blank. There’s no description on the Launcher about any content, and no cog’s to click.

It kinda seems like this…

The Launcher is not looking at the Projects directory, It’s looking at a file somewhere that was recreated to the empty default when I had
to re-install the Launcher after it crashed.

How do I add a new link to the Launcher without re-downloading what I already have.


Where is the Launcher getting the My Content link info. from ?


Hi ARealPerson,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I was able to see what you were talking about this morning after having uninstalled and re-installed my launcher.

I was informed that there are some files that associate with your account that create manifest files in a specific location in your windows/program data folder. This location of files essentially links the files that you’ve downloaded with the launcher.

In following link you’ll find a post from AnswerHub that also includes a download link the manifest files. Once you download those files you’ll just need to add a ‘10’ in front of the numbers. (Ie. Original - 40003. Edited: 1040003)

I tested this on a couple with it going straight to verify and not downloading.

You will need to close the launcher and relaunch once you edit the manifest files.

Let me know how this works out for you or if you have any other questions.