How to reference boolean value from widget?

Hey guys for the life of me I cannot figure out how to reference a Boolean from my UMG widget BP to my PlayerCharacter BP to activate the camera Movement. I get an error while running in PIE. “Accessed None trying to read property Viewmode Button from Function.”

I am trying to reference whether or not the toggle button has been checked.

I tried to reference the variable after creating the widget, and it did not work.

I fixed it, thanks for directing me in the right direction! :smiley: This is how I fixed it.

I resolved my issue with Sertac’s help. Thanks for your input. :smiley:

Hello Keal27,

You should create reference when create widget.


On what event from your widget you plan to refer to the boolean?

Can you share screenshot ?

Ok, I understand that, but what you want to do with this reference? I mean on your widget, what you plan to do with that information? (it’s important to know to answer your question)

Hehe Yes, I wanted to say that. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: