How to reference an actor blueprint within my character blueprint?

Hey all, I have a problem that I’ve been trying to solve for a few days now. I have a character blueprint set up so that on runtime a spline will generate itself and follow behind my character. I want to attach a separate blueprint actor to this spline that is being generated. The separate blueprint actor would be a splinemesh component. When the splinemesh BP is referenced by the spline in my character BP, it should create a solid “ribbon” that follows my character.

Note: I already have a character BP working where the spline and spline mesh work and the spline mesh creates a ribbon behind my character. However, because the spline mesh is within my character BP, the character can never collide with it and that is an issue for me. So the only way to allow collision with the splinemesh is to have it be a separate BP that is referenced.

Can anybody help push me in the right direction? I’ve posted a video depicting the issue. Thank You.