How to reference a DataTable in C++

So I’m currently working on a crafting system for my inventory system. Each item is a struct implemented as below.

Furthermore, I created a basic data table for items as follows:

Now what I am struggling with is creating recipes for items. I figured it would be best to create either a data table for each recipe or a data asset for each recipe. However, when creating either of these I am unsure of how to reference the created data table.
For instance, if I just use the FItem struct for the data asset like this:


With a resulting in editor appearance:

Which clearly is only an array of the item struct that doesn’t use any of the data from the previous data tables. (As expected)

So, my question is: how can I reference the created data table for the data asset?

My ideal solution would be an array of data table rows that are from the created data table.
And as such, when creating a recipe in editor, the user would add an entry to the array and select the row (item) from the datatable.