How to refer to a Landscape spline meshes

Hello! I started learning UE just recently but I will do my best explaining the dilemma I’ve ran into.

What I want to do:
I want a player character to slowly drown when stepping on water.

What is used:

  • To make water I, first, carved some notches in a landscape using sculpting tools, then, placed the water using landscape splines (Screenshot 1).
  • As a landscape spline mesh I used a copy of a basic Plane mesh.

What I already did:

  • I managed to make an actor BP (thanks youtube), box with overlap events (begin, end) that cast to a player character and makes it drown when overlapping (screenshot 2).

What I still have struggles with:

  • I can’t apply the same logic to Landscape spline components and it’s getting really frustrating. There’s no way to use an actor blueprint as a Landscape spline mesh, obviously. And I couldn’t find the way to refer to this landscape spline component.

As a workaround, maybe there’s a way to make a character drown when stepping on a certain mesh? That’s why I created a copy of the already existing plank.

I would be really glad if you could give me a clue on that!

This is probably not the most sophisticated way of achieving what I want but It works :slight_smile:
Here I’m just getting a name of the component my character overlapping with and if the string (name) has “SplineMeshComponent” in it (SplineMeshComponent_34 for instance) the event if fired.