How to reduce inertia with ragdoll?

My character has a few parts that simulate physics, when he walks around and then stops those parts fly a bid into the direction he walked (inertia). They are going a bid too far an I would like to reduce that movement. How would I go about doing this?

The easiest way would be to override the mass of the character either through the physics tab, the cahracter class with a mass node or in the player controller class with a get character → cast → set mass node.

You can also change the mass of the “parts” in the PhaT editor themselves, the collision bodies with physics.

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Hi, thank you for the reply, I have tried that but it doesn’t help. No matter how heavy I make the parts they still keep behaving as if they were “light”. Even adding 10000 kg of mass doesn’t make it better. I have also played around with the swing limit softness and damping as well as with the Linear and angular damping (although I don’t exactly know whether these values are supposed to be something from 0-1 or 1-100), it still moves to much.

Has this something to do with the values in my character movement component? They are all default except for Max Walk speed which is 400 instead of 600.



bump please help

I am having this same issue. I’m hoping for a solution soon!

I have figured out a temporary solution for this it works but not very well. Setting the swing limit stiffness and dampening to 50000-100000 and increasing mass to 10-100kg prevents the parts from flying too much but it is still annoying to watch.

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bump, this question is really important and has gone unanswered for many years

bump, this question is really important and has gone unanswered for many years

yeah we need a solution

Has enyone found a solution to this? I have tried this things:
-Change player mass
-Change ragdoll mass
-Change damping value
and nothing works…