How to recreate the level from Maya in Unreal Engine?

I have modelled a house with walls and stuff and I want to put this in to Unreal Engine. However all of the walls are separate with each other because I found that when I import them as one the textures and materials stretch and look ugly. So basically I import the models one by one in FBX format to Unreal and its all great and all but I have no idea how to put them back together. I could do it by Eye but I know they wont be perfectly aligned which is EXTREMELY ******* my mental-self off.

Now my question is, is there are any fast and good way to align stuff in Unreal Engine? I know the coordinates editor but I still have to go through the trail/error method to get them aligned. Isn’t there any ****** to Face or Edge tool in unreal moving tool?

The only other solution I haven’t tried yet (well now as I think of it that might be a good idea lol) Is to combine all of the walls together and create separate materials for every part of the wall so the textures remain nice and smooth while I manipulate the wall as a hole one object. Will that work? Well, if nobody will answer me I guess I will just try that but for now I will try to figure out how to navigate objects more efficiently in unreal engine since I’m gonna need that skill anyway. Thanks in advance.

  1. either use the vertex snap tool or use the grid snapping values
  2. you can import the house as one single mesh, but it’s better when you build it in modular pieces, because then you can use LOD’s and culling. When you want to use one single mesh, make sure that you have uv mapped it :wink:

The grid is your best friend. When you design stuff, design it with ue4’s grid snapping tool in mind.