How to recreate Geometry dash's ship rotation mechanics

Hi, I’m trying to recreate Geometry dash, but I have trouble recreating the ship mode.
In Geometry Dash, the ship moves progressively upwards as it rises, and downwards as it falls.
My question is how to recreate this rotational movement according to its direction

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Recreating the ship mode in Geometry Dash can be challenging, especially when it comes to mimicking the smooth, rotational movement as the ship ascends and descends. Here’s a structured approach to achieve this in your game development:

  1. Define the Ship’s Movement:
  • Use velocity to control the ship’s vertical movement. When the player presses the jump button, increase the ship’s upward velocity.
  • Apply gravity to create a downward force when the player releases the button.
  1. Implement Rotational Movement:
  • The ship’s rotation should correlate with its vertical velocity. When the ship moves upwards, it should rotate to simulate the nose pointing up, and vice versa.
  • You can achieve this by mapping the ship’s vertical velocity to its rotation angle. For example, a positive velocity (moving up) could correspond to a negative rotation angle, and a negative velocity (moving down) to a positive rotation angle.
  • Code Example (Pseudo-code):
  • const GRAVITY = 0.5;
    const THRUST = -1.5;
    let velocity = 0;
    let rotation = 0;
    const ROTATION_FACTOR = 5; // Adjust this factor to fine-tune the rotation

function update() {
// Apply gravity
velocity += GRAVITY;

// Apply thrust when the jump button is pressed
if (jumpButtonPressed) {
    velocity += THRUST;

// Update ship's position
ship.y += velocity;

// Calculate rotation based on velocity
rotation = velocity * ROTATION_FACTOR;
ship.rotation = rotation;


// Call update function in your game loop
gameLoop() {

  1. Fine-tuning:
  • Adjust the GRAVITY, THRUST, and ROTATION_FACTOR values to match the desired feel and responsiveness of the ship.
  • Add damping or limits to the rotation to prevent the ship from rotating too much or too quickly, which can enhance the realism of the movement.

By following these steps, you should be able to replicate the ship mode’s progressive upward and downward rotational movement in Geometry Dash. Keep iterating and fine-tuning the parameters to achieve the most accurate and satisfying control scheme.

Best of luck with your game development! If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out.

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