How to recreate Camera function from Outlast II?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone would know a way to help me recreate a microphone sound effect from Outlast II? I have a video example of what I mean by this, any help would be great Here’s a video example: Basically when you’re facing a certain direction with the microphone on you hear the sounds more clearly.

There’s a bunch of ways to do this. FMOD is great for stuff like this if you are dealing with lots of conditional sound sources. This distance and direction data from FMOD can also drive the VU metering we see on the left. As for the actual audio effect you can use a high-pass filter on the dialog some noise and/or crackle with quite a bit of gain.

You can use submix-analysis (I think even baked will work) to get the volume meter reading from your audio, check out ArthurBarthur’s BPs for examples.

And then combine that with a cone sent out from your camera to only show the reading of the objects in focus. This will not be a very simple/easy task but you basically combine volume readout together with what’s in your view and it should work.

Thank you kind friends!

You can use the Audio Focus feature, I believe there is a Global Focus Override which you can activate to increase the volume of sounds in front of the camera and decrease the volume of sounds behind the camera.