How to recover a published project file I lost?

Hi! A few months ago I was editing and working on creating islands using the UEFN engine, however, for reasons beyond my control, I had to change my computer with no way to backup the files.

This has meant that, not having the files on the new computer, the “FortniteProjects” folder located in the “documents” folder on my PC has been deleted.

On opening Unreal Editor, I genuinely thought that as the maps were already published, I would be able to sync them. However, upon syncing each map, they all appear EMPTY to me, as if it were a blank island template.

On the other hand, I have other projects that I didn’t get to publish but they are there, and I would like to know if I can recover them without having the .uefnproject file.

In any case, the main problem and my main concern, is to be able to edit the maps that I had already published, and now I can’t edit them because they are empty.

Thank you very much for your attention! I am waiting for your answer.

Unfortunately you can only sync to the Check-In Changes Snapshots.

Is your old computers hard drive cactus ?
Can you pull it out of the old one and plug it into the new one.

If you are reusing the hard drive in your new PC, do you have the Windows Old folder there?

Unfortunately I didn’t save anything after the reset.

I just had to reset the PC, but did it by the Windows option, i haven’t changed the ssd. Idk if it helps, but honestly i don’t know how could i do it. It’s been a month and a half or two before the I reset it, and didn’t do a backup before starting to reset Windows.

The maps I started but didn’t publish i guess they’re lost, but i don’t really mind at all. The ones that really worry me are the ones already published to Fortnite. It’s weird because they are all playable, and since they have the unreal revision and that things, i really thought i could sync them.

The thing is that when i sync them, they appear as when i first created it, a blank template island.

Thank you very much for your help, if you have any idea on how could I recover those maps it would be insane if you share it with me :smiling_face_with_tear::mending_heart:

this is being a mess :persevere: