How to record the game play?

Hi, I’m new to unreal. I’m using unreal 4.24. I created a project using demo sample. I added my model and some animation. I am able to view room and move around and see animation in preview window when I play. I want to record what I see in preview, but I’m not successful. How do I use sequence recorder to record a small walk through.
When I added a camera as actor and tried, there seems to be no movement , it is showing same in all timeline.

I also created a windows package so that I wanted to run it as a game player and record it. But windows package got created but I’m unable to walk through. Camera is looking down at the floor, whatever keys, it is rotating looking down at floor.

Finally I tried a different template, animated flying drone as new project, in this I’m able to see animation in timeline when I used sequencer, but I don’t know how to export and get this flying drone into my other application where I have my model / animation setup.

So I have three questions

  1. how do I record using sequencer in the project I created using demo sample?
  2. How I create a windows package where I can play and record - how do I do that?
  3. How do I export and import the flying drone from one project to my application so that I can play as flying drone and record my walk through.

I know this is a long question, but I would greatly appreciate helpful direction on any of these areas!!

any suggestions?

have you tried sequencer recorder?