How to record editor to sequence?

Hi all,

I’m really stuck with this and would really appreciate anyone’s help.

The aim:
I wanted to create a camera that would rotate around another actor in the level and record the output as a sequence of images that I could subsequently imported in to Premiere Pro to edit the final video.

What I have:
Basic level with a cube as the floor, another cube sat on top of it as the “target”.
I’ve created BP_RotatingCamera class which has a cinecamera as a component and a little code to make it rotate around the selected target.

This is working. The actor rotates around the cube, and if I selected it in the editor I can see the little camera preview window and its moving around the cube. Lovely.

What I don’t have:
The knowledge to use the sequencer stuff to record out.

What I’ve tried:
“First Hour of Sequencer” UE4 learning material. Whilst I got through this, it wasn’t quite what I want to do, e.g. it was about creating animations and then outputting those.

I’ve had a little experiment with the “Sequence Recorded”, I’ve selected my BP_RotatingCamera actor and hit record, but all I get is a stationery view of the cube. What its like is that the game doesn’t actually “start” and as such, there’s nothing to tell the camera to start rotating. I think this might be the only missing step, but honestly, I don’t know.

I’ve spent two days on this now and am frustrated but would really like to get this done.

If anyone could provide me with a little step-by-step approach to getting the output recorded I would be really grateful.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Sounds like you want the Movie Render Queue, which renders a level sequence to individual frames:

Note: Sequencer has a button in the toolbar for rendering movies. That invokes old functionality that will eventually be replaced with the Movie Render Queue in a subsequence release.