How to record a video in UE4 using C++

Hi, I am trying to capture videos in the game using C++ automatically.

I know that there is a way to do it manually by going to Matinee->Movie.

But is there a way to call out that Movie window programatically and close it after a while (say 5 seconds)?

Thanks in advance.

+1 I want to know too

I’d like to do this as well. I was going to start looking under the hood to see what it is calling in matinee. I’m trying to leverage UE4 to create and record video and I’d like to do that from the simulation I’m creating.

hi,Do you Know how to resolve this question? i also want to record a video using C++!!

any idea?

Just use ffmpeg library. It takes about 3-5 days to make a simple framework for Unreal.