How to recognize your hand with mobile camera and do play with it.

I was trying to code a simple game wherein i was trying the camera of my android mobile to follow my hand and perform accordingly. I have read about face recognition and was thinking if it is somewhat same? It is more like having your hand as a controller. Is it really possible to add this functionality or do i need to stick with the touch only?

Any replies would be deeply appreciated.

UE4 doesn’t have anything in itself to do that, you would have to use something like OpenCV

I wouldn’t depend on that type of control, fingers are an issue in that it’s very easy to block the camera view of fingers.

Say, if we don’t have any prior knowledge about OpenCV and haven’t used it ever.
So would you suggest us to start from the very basic tutorial of OpenCV or should we directly jump to how to recognise hand gestures using OpenCV and learn just that particular topic like how it works or what are the requirements, etc?

I don’t know if there’s an integration of OpenCV for UE4, so that would be the first thing. I know that there’s examples of finger tracking done with OpenCV but I’ve not worked with it myself so I don’t know how difficult it is to use.

did you figure it out?