How to recognize signs?

  • **Now more detailed. **I want to create a sign recognition system that the user will draw with the mouse on the screen.

I tried to split the screen into parts with UMG, but it seemed to me that this was too rough solution. It cannot perform the necessary task.

  • Algorithm:Push button>The appearance of the menu> Moving the cursor to the center (we always start from center)>Draw smth with mouse>Release the button.
    [FONT=times new roman]Reference: similar caste system was in Arx Fatalis. This is a very old idea, I’m sure there is a simpler and better way. Please tell me what nodes and functions to use for making this logic. And… I understand that this is a complete system, yes. I searched the market, nothing like this was found. I asked everywhere wherever you can, believe me. There is no AF source code either.It would be very helpful.
    Thank you in advance.

Ok just watched some videos of the casting system youtube. I would say you want to use splines. You could compare what the player draws to standard sigil spline shapes that you’ve created. Then for the spells you could label each of your preconfigured splines to be represented by a string value. Using this string value you could create combinations to store in an array. For example X, O, V could be a heal spell. Fun task dude. Good Luck!