How to "receive" changes in an asset pointed by an actor uproperty?


I have an actor that has an uproperty named Y that points to an asset X.

I need to receive in the actor a callback that fires when (in the editor) the asset X changes. I don’t want to know when the Y property changes the asset, only when the asset pointed by Y changes.

I searched the source code but… only found something like FPropertyEditorModule but don’t know exactly how to use it and if it’s what I’m searching.

An easy, fast and dirty way to do it is using “PostEditChangeProperty” function:

Mmmm this doesn’t work because it only fires when the uproperty changes, I want to detect changes to the asset referenced by that uproperty not the uproperty itself.

Asset->GetOutermost()->IsDirty() is true if asset have changes to be saved.
Also there’s a few Editor delegates that can help: