How to realistically mix pohysics with animations?

Hi, I am working on my vtuber project right now and I have really stucked on how to mix physics with animations. So the problem is that I want to something like this (yteah I know bad example hahaha sorry), basically my charcter floating in air by balloon but still being able to show some animations properly. In other words, I want my character to have leg and hands movements but be attached to the bubble in realistic physics manner. I am using the motion capture suit to get my movements so first i thought that maybe I somehow can attach the balloon mesh onto one of my character bones so it can be controlled by the balloon, but I don’t really know if it will work. Any ideas how I can get it done?

Hey there @Unizori1,

I’ve found a video that may help you. It’s mainly a tutorial about the balloons but it should help you get started!

There’s also this thread where someone did something similar.

For issues like this, you’re likely going to be going through tutorial city. Youtube will be your best friend. Hope these links help but if not, feel free to continue this thread!