How to reach a sales person about buying an Unreal license 4-27


I am trying to reach a sales person about buying an Unreal license (4-27). I filled out a contact form requesting someone from Unreal’s Sales Team reach out but have not received any email. Multiple members of my team have done the same but no response.

Can someone please put me in contact with a sales rep please?

UE4 is free to use, according to the license agreement. What other sort of licence do you need?

I need the license that is $1500 for live training tailored for companies.

“Unreal Enterprise Program” is the name I believe. Also called a custom license.

Do you mean thsis?


Well, that is all you can do.

What do you get from Enterprise that you don’t normally have?

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I have filled out the form 4 times over the last 6 months and have not received any responses. It’s like the form doesn’t go anywhere or maybe they can’t handle that sort of business right now.

I’m very curious as to the answer you find, if you find one. Our desire is to pay for support so we can get questions answered in a professional manner rather than depending on the vagaries of unpaid people having to answer questions. So far nothing. I also found a form related to UDN and filled that out too, nothing there either.

If you find a way to do this, please PM me or respond back to this thread.

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Tailored training for a company, from an instructor. Better support.

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I will let you know!

For $1500 I’d think you’d get almost nothing… :sweat_smile:

Hi c_crump_1 and eagletree

I’m looking into the situation with both of your submissions and will follow up with our Sales team.


Stephen, Thank you very much.

You may already know, but I contacted Epic Support (the commercial game site, fortnight etc) and they forwarded my request to a person at Unreal. At his/her request, I put in another request on the custom licensing page so they could track if it made it through. We may just have a browser or web page problem. Very positive steps and prompt support!

I was just told by Unreal Support that anyone who had not heard back from the custom licensing form, should try again.

We’re investigating an issue that seems to be preventing some submissions from landing in our list for review and follow-up.

My recommendation for now (until the issue is fixed) is actually to resubmit under a different email address. You can reference your primary/original email in the message, but sending under a new/different email address should ensure that the submission lands where it ought to.

Thanks and apologies for the troubles.

I will try it with a different email address.

Is there any possibility that the same type of email address issue you are mentioning is impacting the bug submission form too. I’ve never had a response to the many bug reports I’ve made. Meaning none have been looked at and added to the queue even though some macOS / UE bugs have persisted for years now.

There shouldn’t be a need for another submission from you. I’m told that our BizDev team has already been in contact in the past day or so.

Regarding the bug reports, to my knowledge that shouldn’t be affected by this issue.


Okay, great. I am working with a person named Bruce by email.