How To Re-Combine Imported Pieces with GLTF

I’ve had lots of problems importing models. I wish there was more standardization as it seems stuff is missing or wrong more times than not. I was working with a model off of a site and they provide both FBX and GLTF.

  1. FBX Import - Seems that many materials are missing and while it looks somewhat like the original it doesn’t look half as cool as the sample on their site. However I am able to check off combine static meshes and get something that is usable.

  2. GLTF Import - Here I seem to get all (or at least some) of the materials missing from the FBX import. However, I have to import using the GLTF import plugin and it doesn’t give me any option to combine static meshes. This leaves me with 100 pieces I have no idea what to do with.

Is there a way to re-combine these separated pieces or a different method I should be using to get consistent imports? I’ve looked at tons of posts but they are related to the export process which I have no control over. Is importing just a PITA for everyone or is there a process I am missing?

You can try my plugin

It is free.

Sorry, but your plug-in and it didn’t work. It still imported each mesh as separate meshes.

The workaround is to do the combining in another tool, like Blender. Based on your description, it sounds like may be pulling meshes off of SketchFab; in that case, I’ve found the GLTF files to hold material and texture data more accurately than the FBXs off the site.

After importing your GLTF, you “join” objects in Blender, follow this link for details on how to:,-Like%20most%20aspects&text=Once%20a%20collection%20of%20mesh,(Edit%20Mode%2FTab).

Then export your file (or just the meshes you want) as a GLTF or GLTB - then Unreal will import them as you joined them no problem.