How to re-animate a static mesh once it has completed its first animated cycle

Hi - I know a similar question has been asked on the forum (ie animating models without Matinee) however none seem to address the issue I am having.
I can get the model to rotate 45 degrees but I want to get the model to animate 45 degrees every time the button is pressed.
Is there a way that my script can be modified so that once it has played through the first cycle it will allow further 45 degree cycles ?
On event tick was the only event that would work (is there any way around using a gate combined with event tick so that a regular trigger or mouse click could trigger an animation cycle ?


You’re interpolating from presumably 0 to 45 degrees, then from 45 to 45, which is no change.

I don’t think this is the best way to do this kind of animation - i’d use a timeline in this case rather than a gate.

Make a timeline with a rot lerp, make sure to grab the start rot values before it triggers or you’ll only rotate once again. The timeline has a float curve with 0 at 0secs and 1 at 1secs - you can make it a eased curve.



Thanks so much

Hi - this works but after every 7th trigger (ie after animating clockwise 7x 45 degree increments the object rotates anticlockwise roughly 360 degrees.
Even when the increments are changed from 45 degrees to 10 degree increments the same happens.
Does anyone have any idea why this happens ?