How to randomly spawn N spinning coins at X target points at start of level?

Hello all! I’m attempting to create a very basic environment where I spawn a number of spinning coins in a radius around preset target locations within my level at the initiation of gameplay. Ideally, I’m trying to make the coin spawn framework as flexible as possible so I can manipulate number of coins per target location, number of target locations, target point radius, etc.

I’ve visited several posts (see below), but I’m still struggling to properly implement the framework I need. Specifically, I’m wondering how to add an element of randomness to the number of coins generated at each target point (and can I put bounds on it?) and how to specify a radius for spawning around a given target point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This is my blueprint for a spinning, collectable coin:

And this is my world blueprint for spawning a coin at a target point:

Hi!I would recommend to you to take a look at GetRandomPointInNavigableRadius.I’ve post the link lower.

So basically the idea is you made the Blueprint take it GetActorLocation() and give it this value as param to GetRandomPointInNavigableRadius() and than you will have in radius random point!