How to randomly play an animation in a state

I downloaded the Zombie pose pack and i want to set it up so that when the zombie is killed, it will randomly choose between the two death animations. I feel like what im trying to do should be really simple but i cant quite figure it out. Heres a picture of what im trying

for some reason he just goes right to the T pose. but if i plug one directly in, it works

im guessing that Select node is not what im looking for. Does anybody know how to do this/is this even possible?

I have only done this with flipbooks(2d) but maybe you can try a “switch on int” with the random integer range. Maybe someone else might have a better idea, but this is what I have done in the past.

i tried this, the problem is the output needs to be a type animnode (the kind in the shape of the littler person). most of the functions dont output that type so i cant really figure out how to use any of them

I know this is an old post but I did this and it worked for me. Not sure if this is fully answering the question BUT, I created a bunch of animation Montages based on Death animations. I wanted each death to be unique so I made a variable made it an array and called it Death Montage and set it to Anim Montage. I then added all the death anim montages into the array. I then told it to Get the array and grab a random integer and pumped the get into the Play Anim Montage. Now when I kill a bad guy they die 1 of 6 ways.
I hope this help anyone having trouble with this.

Even if an old question but still need help with it. Im about to try your idea.

If you are in state mahcine you can use "Blend poses by int " node, and you can add more entery pin if you want more than 2 .

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There is a “Random Sequence Player” node that you can use inside a state. in the details panel you can pick animations that you want to play.