How to randomize widgets opening?

Hey so I’m trying to set up a function where what it does is it chooses a random widget from all the widgets I created and displays it on the screen. I already have the widgets created I just don’t know how to do the randomizing part. Any help would be appreciated! If you need any images on something then I’ll be happy to send them!

Here is a simple way.

Make an “User Widget Class” array and add the widget class you want to display

Notice: The type is “Class” not “Reference”

Then use Random Integer (or Stream) node to randomly choose the widget

I’m having trouble making the array… Can you explain that part a bit more? Also I want to make it so that it calls this when the player overlaps a box. So maybe turn this into a function?

Sorry for late reply.

First, create an array

Add the widgets class which you want to display to array

Then make a Overlap event

Sorry to necro this post but I’m trying to do this but with an extra step and it’s not working the way I want it to. I have it set up like above but I’m trying to remove the widget that got chosen before applying another random one. Think when you level up in a game and get to choose 3 random abilities, that is what I’m trying to achieve.