How to randomize transform values of many objects, if easy enough, with perlin noise?

Hi, I just placed a bunch of fences around an area, but they look very stiff and repetitive. Is there a way I can randomize their transforms for a more natural look? Using perlin noise would be preferable, but I’m coming from unity so I don’t really know how to do anything in Unreal. Thanks.

If I was in this scenario, I’d likely imagine I want to way to do this kind of thing over and over.

Make a new Blueprint (BP) of type Actor so you can place it in the world.

Within, use GetAllActorsOfClass, GetActorByTag, etc (or similar) to collect all the actors you need and then iterate through the results-list.

Thanks, I’ll see what I can do with this info. Are tags more performant?

Figured it out

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I don’t know, but I think they COULD be.

Unreal would need to have a list of all the different tags and what actors they are tied to, this could easily be done as a hash-table or some kind of key-map; at the very least I could see this structure as indexed, hence it ought to be cheaper to traverse, etc.

With collecting actors, I wouldn’t expect that there be a list like this, but I could be wrong. I’m NOT going into source to verify but for my own needs, I always used get w/tag as I could use more descriptive tags for my needs vs an actor-name.

Best of luck!

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