How to raise height of generated mountain from Landmass plugin

I’ve been playing around with CustomBrush_Landmass from the Landmass plugin which creates a small mountain by default. I would like to create a tall steep mountain. I can’t figure out how to raise the height without making the mountain wider.

  • If I raise the spline, it grows taller but so do the sides. I want to make the mountain steeper.
  • If I change the Z scale of the landscape, it initially does what I want but as soon as I change any spline points, the mountain readjusts and goes back to it’s original height and slope. This probably wouldn’t be desirable later on if don’t want to make everything scale more in the Z.
  • I’ve tried creating a new mountain using the LandmassBrushManager and using Begin Shape (Mountain type) with a larger Drawing Plane Z but that didn’t make a difference.

Any ideas?

I think I found the answer. To change the height/slope, modify the Falloff Angle. Falloff Mode must be Angle.