How to quit game when player's health is at 0?

Hi, I’m having troubles with making the game quit when the player’s health is at 0. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this, because this is very frustrating. Basically, the character’s health reaches 0, but the game doesn’t quit. Here’s an image that will hopefully show you the mistake.

Something must be wrong with the IsValid or the Cast to nodes. Try debugging during the game and see if the connections light up.

It doesn’t seem to be working at all. The connections don’t light up, but I have no idea on how to fix it.

hi is there an actor or something that will take damage i will try to recreate what youre doing

hi i have made something that maybe will help you i have made a actor that apply damage to the character

Okay, I fixed the casting, but I’m having problems with actually making the game quit when the health is at 0. Basically,right now the health reaches 0, and then does nothing. I tried a bit of experimenting, which has led to the player’s health reaching 0 instantly, which is something that I don’t want. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The first image did the job. Sorry for the late reply, I was sleeping. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you so much for your help! The AI character that I’ve implemented affected the health of the character. All I needed was the <=