How to quit and restart the game?

I know how to quit the game, but I don’t know how to restart it. Is there a way to do this ?

Can you be more specific? You can restart a level, but restarting the whole game is something you need to code yourself…

For instance, my game doawnload patchs (.pak) from internet, but it will update only when the game will be restarted. And I can only quit the game, so, the user must launch it again manually. It’s more convenient if the game can quit and restart automatically.
Thank you for your answer (and sorry for my english).

Hmm, sorry, don’t know enough about that part.

I assume it is possible to unload a PAK at runtime and load another, I assume that would be in C++ or with a plugin.

That could be very useful, does it exist a documentation about that ?

I don’t see docs, but I see stuff like

Well, and this

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