How to quickly create a complex collision?

Hi all.
Please tell me how you can quickly create a complex collision for this construction.

The link to the image structure.

Oh yeah, this kind of links to my question: is it better to have a building like that as a static model or several static models or partly brush? The base of my buildings are made of brushes and brushes seem to have some problems (objects sometimes stop colliding with them in strange situations, which doesn’t seem to happen with static models). But static models seem to be more difficult to light (you can’t have looping / overlapping textures).

Coming from Source Engine where you just model your collision model from a mesh of convex pieces, I am not happy with how making collision models works in Unreal. You can see the list of primitives under “Static Mesh Settings” and set the exact values how big you want them to be and how to position them but it’s still far from ideal. I really wish there was away to import a mesh model into a collision model (though I haven’t looked into all the ragdoll features of the PhysX plugin).

I assume there is some way to import collision models from Maya that I am just not familiar with. I just started using it recently myself.

In the window that you took your screenshot in go to the upper left corner to “Collision” > Auto Convex Collision. That should bring up a window, changing the accuracy & max hull verts will determine how complex the collision is. The more complex the model is will also determine how long it will take to build the collision if the settings are set high. Hopefully that answered your question :smiley: