How to quick include in Rider for Unreal

Hi there!
As you know,we can quick add include with Visual Assist X in VS,
and How can I do the samething in Rider for Unreal.

If you mean “include the file that contains this class/function/whatever that I forgot to include”, just put the cursor on the unrecognized symbol and hit Alt+Enter (or Command+Enter on macOS) to pop open the quick actions menu; one option will be to include the missing header file (if there is a missing header file to be included).

Alternatively, you’ll sometimes see a little lightbulb in the margin at a line with issues; you can click the lightbulb to get the quick actions for that line.

You can also have it set to auto-include things as you type, but by default it won’t do that if you paste in big blocks of code; in those cases you will need to go hit the quick actions button.

(This works for like 90% of things that cause a squiggly underline in Rider, fwiw. As well as CLion, GoLand, PyCharm, Android Studio, and all the other JetBrains IDEs built atop their IDEA framework.)