HOW TO: Quartz+Metasound "replacing" Wwise?

Hello everybody! :slight_smile:

First of all, I am aware of my exaggeration of Q&M “replacing” Wwise. But I would love to know, if the following features are possible with the features included in UE5:

  • In Wwise, a track can have an “intro” and an “outro”, so to say if the track is playing/looping/transitioning, the engine always uses these parts to make it sound more natural (1 bar swell intro, track itself 8 bars, 2 bars tail/outro)
    Is this possible in Metasounds/Quartz?

  • In Wwise I can split a track into multiple parts to get different repetitions and not always in the same order. Possible with Metasounds/Quartz?

  • Is it possible to create transition tracks and implement them so for example if the music is changing from Explore to Battle and I wrote 3 different transitions which should be used randomly, can I manage this within this system?

So it’s about the basic but strong features of Wwise. It would be SO amazing if this is possible and if there would be standardized templates to make it easier to use responsive music without the need of middleware like Wwise (or Fmod). I am quite new to the Unreal game but I would love to find my way into blue prints and being able to get these things running myself :slight_smile:

Hope Aaron and Max can maybe help with this ir create such an amazing talk like yesterday just for Music Integration :slight_smile:

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I’m eager to dive into Metasounds and Quartz after yesterday’s live stream! Based on what was mentioned at the start, it sounds like we will be able to schedule precise musical transitions using Blueprints and Quartz, though I wouldn’t expect there to be standardized templates or any sort of UI like Wwise or Fmod.

Will be setting aside some time to explore the new possibilities in UE5-EA soon! :smiley:

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Yes. that is all possible. Metasounds can generate complex, procedural, and controlled randomized sources with internally sample-accurate triggers/events.

Quartz can be used to schedule the onsets of Metasounds, synchronize them with other sources scheduled with the same clock, and send delegates back to the game to trigger gameplay events / visuals to synch with the audio.

This 10+ hr music was procedurally stitched together live in Fortnite

Blueprint is where you handle all this and manage state. There are lots of tutorials out there, including some by our internal Technical Sound Designer - Dan Reynolds