How to put multiple target with the fonction get controller?

I want to know if i can put multiple target instead of copy past my graph. my problem: i create a blueprint for the npc t be able to move to a random point but i can only add one npc (civil 1) but i want to add civil 2 to this function… :frowning: and i 't want to copy paste… here a picture:
Thanks and sorry for my bad english… :frowning:

correctly answered the question.

I would recommend however a different approach to this particular problem. Put “Simple Move To Location” IN the npc blueprint. This way you 't have to iterate through an array of them.

Think of things your NPC can do on their own as things that should live in the NPC blueprint.

Yes you need to use a for loop for this.

You would first make array with all the player controllers stored in a variable. Then you would you access them one by one in a for loop.

Here is a comprehensive article


For loops:

If you think this is too hard and only have a few controllers, you coud duplicate the blueprint and put into a function.

And call your function multiple time with each controller:

Hope this helps.

When i try to put my function in my npc blueprint he wont move or wont connect to get controller :/.

Edit: plus i want to work with 60+ civil… :confused: and i try to put make array but i wont let me put my character no 2:

I just want to make run my 60+ character with the same function… but make array can only connect one character… not the second one… help :frowning: