How to put Gps Navigation/ waypoint on mini map to reach destination

Hello Thanks for taking the time to read this thread. But on to the question. Okay ma and a couple of buddies of mine will be creating a Trucking Simulator when we complete high school and also to state that i have no C++ coding experience whats so ever yet (but I have the time to learn it all). Ok so when you start you select your delivery and it will tell you your destination to go. then want your in the truck ready on your mini map your route will be displayed with waypoint and a line to follow until you reach the final destination. So how could i put this into the game so that players can follow a waypoint.
Also and example if your ever played Grand Theft Auto you can select a waypoint and proceed to it or the game will automatically:D set it for you when your are in a mission.

Thanks in advance.:smiley:

Chances are your minimap will have a worldPos to texturePos conversion.

Use the navigation functions built into UnrealEngine (FindPathToLocationSynchronously) to get a path that will have all the vectors in order to reach the destination.

Convert each vector (worldPos) to map positions, and then draw a line on your texture between each.

Provided your navmesh only sits on the roads, the result will be a series of lines on a map.

This is how I plan to do it. I’m writing a GTA style map plugin at present, currently getting “waypoints that are always visible at the edge of the map” working, then I’ll move onto “rendering an array of vectors as a route”.

Once that’s done and the market allows the sale of plugins I plan to sell it.

Nice tutorial available here: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Minimap (Advanced) - Part 3 - NPC/Object Icons - YouTube