How to put different games in one playable game?

Hello there, I’m new to UE and still learning it and I’m planning to make a game where it has 3 games like Endless Runner, Maze Runner and Melee Combat and I want to have these 3 games as an option in the main menu like of a level select. Is it possible to do that with blueprints ? If so, could you please guide me on how do I go on bout ?
P.S All the games are third person character.
Thanks in Advance!

Yes, it very easy actually :slight_smile: each level/map you make in editor can have different GameMode (which oyu can set in World Settings which will override Project Settings) and if they can have different GameMode they can have different set of PlayerControllers and other gameplay classes, you can make level that looks like complitly different game. So put them in separate levels and load right one when desired

I figured it out when you told me… Just wasn’t thinking straight! lol…
Thanks heaps!