How to put a speed limit on torque?

Hi I am making a game you control a ball with torque for movement. I have one problem,

as I hold down the input for the ball movement, the ball rolls faster and faster.
I would like the ball to roll up to a certain speed and go no faster and stop when there is no input being press

I would like here your answers

add a branch before the addTorque nodes and check the current Torque/Velocity of the ball if it is at the maximum, if not continue to add Torque.

you can also check out the details panel for the mesh, look at the physics category. expand the category to show the advanced details (the little arrow pointing down), and check ‘Max Angular Velocity’. there you can set a value that limits how fast the ball spins, the result of which will cap your velocity no matter the amount of torque.

can you give m a screenshot of both options please